Professional Experts. We offer intelligent construction systems and the most knowledgeable installers. Whether you need carpet, tile, or hardwood flooring, we can provide your installation in a timely, professional manner.

A solid hardwood floor will provide decades of extraordinary beauty, durable service and flexibility. Remember, solid hardwood flooring can be refinished for changing tastes or excessive wear. It may initially cost a little more, but as trends evolve, it can too.

Good carpeting can add warmth and color to a room. It can also add class and style. Weather it is woven by hand or mass produced the intricate patterns, the feel of the materials and the colors used can transform what was a bare, cold structure into a true home.

Tile is a fantastic flooring choice for virtually any room. It not only looks clean and elegant, but it is easy to maintain and very durable. Tile flooring will always be a smart choice for American homes because of its timeless appeal and durable nature.


"If You Walk On It, We Install It"

Anyone can "Lay" a floor but we have the experience, knowledge and management to make any floor stay down. We know Houston areas, slabs, water tables and construction of the home better then anyone. Chances are we have installed not only in your area, but your block.

At, we are obsessed with customer service. We know what it's like to invade your personal space, and we will do anything it takes to make you comfortable in your own home. First and foremost we are there to make sure we do the best job we can. Secondly, we treat your home like our home. We will not leave it a job site. Every person that is here eats, sleeps, breathes flooring. has won the Houston Custom Home Showcase award in 2005 and 2007 for our floors. We were also a filmed participant on HGTV in 2005 and 2008.